It’s almost as much fun playing with it as it is drinking tea!

By the Grace of Tea was born in the fall of 2010 when founder Ann Ranson experienced her perfect storm.  In Ann’s mind, a TV program on the civili(ty) and intimacy experienced through afternoon tea connected with a TEDWomen talk about taking an “other” to lunch.

Suddenly she had a vision for how tea could become a catalyst for connection through conversation. Ann believes that there is nothing bigger or more powerful than the collective consciousness that results when people come together, especially over a delicious cup of tea.

When asked how she gets the names for her tea, Ann says, “it’s almost as if the tea talks to me!”  I taste a lot of tea until I find one that I love.  Then I look at my tea name hot list – words with values that I want to encourage & that end in a (ty) sound. I sip, I think and I listen.  It’s really an intuitive process. And I love how it allows me to bring the essence of each value to life. It all started with Possibili(ty); who knows what’s next.

More about By the Grace of Tea

  • The tea:  the majority of our teas are organic, and some are fair trade.  We are dedicated to finding the highest quality and socially responsible sources for our products.  Fair trade is a social movement to help producers in developing countries create healthier trading conditions while promoting sustainability.
  • Unique accessories:  I find most everything that I include in the gift baskets and boxes by visiting estate sales, thrift stores and any place else where I can find high quality accessories at affordable prices – I want you to have something special or unique.  I am constantly looking for interesting tea cups/saucers, teapots and other old things to use when enjoying a cup or pot of tea.
  • The mission:  to make a difference one cup at a time by promoting conversation and community. We are a socially conscious enterprise dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Please take The Civility Pledge:  “I pledge to behave with civility, treating myself and others with respect and consideration.  I pledge to show compassion and curiosity.  I pledge to be gracious, honest, authentic and wholly present, right here, right now.  I pledge to invite others to take the pledge and to engage in intentional and civil conversations.”
  • Our commitment:  bringing you blends chosen to match a value or energy that supports your journey to the higher notes of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health.  Current blends are Civili(ty) ™, Possibili(ty) , Clari(ty) ™, Communi(ty)™, Festivi(ty)™, Integri(ty)™, Productivi(ty), Prosperi(ty)™, Sereni(ty)™, Swee(ty)™ and Vitali(ty)™.


Connect Through Conversation

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Ann Ranson

email:  moc.aeTfoecarGehTyB@nna

phone:  972.308.6995

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