Sampler Bags

May 1, 2013By Ann RansonAssam Tea, Black Tea, Caffeine-Free, Chai Tea, Fair Trade, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Loose Tea, Oolong, Organic, Pekoe, Pue-rh, Tea Blends, Tea Gifts, Tisane, White Tea

Sampler Bag – can’t decide which blend you want? Then, choose 4 blends and taste them all. Each sample bags holds enough tea for a small pot or about 3 cups. Choose a Blend Civili(ty)Clari(ty)Communi(ty)Festivi(ty)Integri(ty)Possibili(ty)Productivi(ty)Prosperi(ty)Sereni(ty)Vitali(ty) Choose 2nd blend Civili(ty)Clari(ty)Communi(ty)Festivi(ty)Integri(ty)Possibili(ty)Productivi(ty)Prosperi(ty)Sereni(ty)Vitali(ty) Choose 3rd blend Civili(ty)Clari(ty)Communi(ty)Festivi(ty)Integri(ty)Possibili(ty)Productivi(ty)Prosperi(ty)Sereni(ty)Vitali(ty) Choose 4th blend Civili(ty)Clari(ty)Communi(ty)Festivi(ty)Integri(ty)Possibili(ty)Productivi(ty)Prosperi(ty)Sereni(ty)Vitali(ty)

Private Sale & Presentation – Feb 10th

February 13, 2013By Ann RansonEvents, Events and News, News

We hope you will join us, Sunday, February 10 1-4pm Private Sale & Presentation 7641 Village Trail Dr Dallas MAP Join By the Grace of Tea and some of my artisan friends for a special Pre-Valentine Sale and presentation.  Shop for tea and gift baskets, delicious baked goods from Susan’s Simply Sweets; gorgeous custom jewelry … Read More

The Science of Tea – only the British!

January 9, 2013By Ann RansonBlog

Who would know better how to make the perfect cup of tea (besides the Chinese!) than the British? But now even British scientists are studying the matter. In an article published in the UK, the answer is simple and profound: patience. “Scientists have discovered that the key to the best tasting brew is to let … Read More

Health Benefits of Tea

February 5, 2012By Ann RansonBlog

I found this article and thought I’d share it with you.  I’m always happy to find studies that document the health benefits of drinking tea.  This is the first one I’ve seen that shows them for rooibos,  which technically isn’t a tea, but an herbal tissane referred to as bush tea in South Africa.  It … Read More

WOW, this is fun!

January 16, 2012By Ann RansonUncategorized

Who knew that starting By The Grace of Tea would be so fun!  I’m excited about the progress and the feedback that I’m receiving.  In fact, I’d like to hear more from you about what you think of the idea, the blends, the taste, the packaging….hearing from you about any of this would be awesome. … Read More

Thanksgiving ParTEA

November 24, 2011By Ann RansonBlog

Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday.  We have a tradition to go to my brother’s in-laws in the country.  They live just far enough out of town to know that you’re in the country, yet not so far that you can’t easily drive out and back in one day.  They are the most … Read More


April 30, 2011By Ann RansonUncategorized

RoyalTEA It seems appropriate that as the world turns to watch Britain’s William and Cate marry, that we should stop and pay homage to one of the quintessential British activities, High Tea.  The Brits LOVE their tea, and have been for going on four hundred years. While today we so closely identify them with tea … Read More

The Art of CiviliTEA

February 15, 2011By Ann RansonUncategorized

Tea drinking is becoming more popular in America and I’ve decided to embrace it whole heartedly!  In part because of the delicious notes of flavor it brings, but even more importantly to me, is what it represents to me – civility, intimacy and respect! As 2011 begins, much is being written about the need for … Read More