12 Days of Tea Varie(ty) Sampler Gift Set


The 12 Days of Tea Varie(ty) Sampler set is the perfect gift for the loose-leaf tea lover in your life!



The 12 Days of Tea Varie(ty) Sampler set is a perfect gift for the loose-leaf tea lover in your life!  Each loose-leaf tea evokes a different and delicious flavor, as it takes you on a momentary journey that only your imagination can conjure.

Each gift set includes enough loose leaf tea to steep one delicious cup.  Imagine sitting down every day to enjoy a different flavor and essence. By the Grace of Tea products are chosen with an eye for social responsibility and environmental impact.  Many are organic, some are fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Your set includes:

Civili(ty)™An award winning green tea blended with raspberries and rosehips and the essence of pomegranate. It expresses respect and has a GRACEFUL energy.

Clari(ty)™  – Peppermint and spearmint hand blended with gunpowder green tea. It expresses fresh and clear openings and has a BRIGHT energy.

Creativi(ty)a white tip green tea with jasmine.  It expresses innovation and has an INSPIRED energy.

Festivi(ty)™ – Blend of Pu-erh tea, cinnamon, spices & chocolate that scream let’s make merry!  It expresses happiness and has a CELEBRATION energy.

Generosi(ty)™  Blend of black and jasmine scented green tea. It expresses consideration and has a KIND energy.

Integri(ty)™  –  Earl Grey with a hint of lavender.  This unique blend expresses honesty and has an AUTHENTIC energy.

Possibili(ty) White tea with floral high notes balanced with just the right amount of coconut that says, take me away!  It expresses openings and adventure and has an AWAKENING energy.

Prosperi(ty)  – Refreshing blend of green teas mixed with lemon verbena and lemongrass.  It expresses all forms of growth:  financial, emotional and spiritual, and has an EXPANSIVE energy.

Serendipi(ty)  Bright and beautiful, this caffeine free blend of hibiscus, essence of strawberry and lemongrass is a real zinger!  It expresses fun and brilliance and has a COLORFUL energy.

Sereni(ty)  Soft and inviting chamomile infused blend with hints of lavender, roses, and rose hips.  It expresses calm, ease and peace has a RELAXED energy.  Caffeine free.

Simplici(ty)™ – Traditional organic English breakfast tea.  A blend of black teas that is clean and straight forward.  It expresses a genuine and RELIABLE energy.

Vitali(ty)  –   Oolong tea is a blend of ginger with a hint of citrus.  It expresses life, love and has a PASSIONATE energy.

And, for more information about each of these unique blends of premium loose-leaf teas, visit,  https://bythegraceoftea.com/product-category/loose-tea/

For a closer look at the individual loose-leaf tea blends:

Loose Leaf Teas: white, green, black, pue-rh and oolong.
Loose Leaf Teas: white, green, black, pue-rh and oolong.



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