Generosi(ty)™ Loose-Leaf Black and Green Tea Blend


Generosi(ty) is a black tea and jasmine scented green tea blend.  You’ll enjoy the floral notes, tempered by the earthiness of the black tea.


Generosi(ty)™   A wonderful black and jasmine scented green tea blend. It expresses consideration and has a KIND energy.

Water Temperature: 185-206 F degrees

Steep Time: 3-4 minutes

Caffeine Content: Medium

Suggested Serving Size: 1 tsp/8oz

Ingredients: Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, lemongrass, rose petals, cornflower & natural flavor.

Generosi(ty)™ is the newest tea blend from By The Grace of Tea

I love the blend of both black and green tea because you get the power and strength of the black tea, softened by the jasmine scented green tea.

As you may know, all tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The difference is in the processing. Oolong is partially fermented, black tea is fully fermented, and green tea is unfermented.

The floral notes are not too strong, so if you don’t normally like floral tea blends, you may want to reconsider.

The combination of black and green tea gives you the best of both worlds:

  • Stronger caffeine content, tempered by the lower caffeine of the green tea
  • Green tea is popular due to its high concentration of anti-oxidants
  • Americans have historically preferred black tea, particularly Southerners who grew up on “Sweet Tea:

Follow this link if you prefer to purchase black tea blends; or click here if you prefer green tea blends.

While about 20% of the tea tossed overboard during the Boston Tea Party, it did not come into widespread use until recent years. Research establishing its many health benefits helped it gain in popularity.


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Small Bag – makes about 10-12 cups, Medium Bag – makes about 18-24 cups, Large Bag – makes about 40-48 cups


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