Origami Peace Crane Note Card with Tea


Honor the story of Sudoko Sasaki when you purchase a handmade Origami Peace Crane Note Card with Tea.  Each card includes one tea bag that makes one teacup to enjoy while reading her courageous story.

Choose from red, blue, or green metallic art paper.


Buy an Origami Peace Crane Note Card with Tea for any special occasion.

When you want to give a gift that is special, but don’t want to spend a lot on the gift or the shipping, consider giving an Origami Peace Crane Note Card with Tea.  This card does require additional postage when mailing.

An Origami Peace Crane gift sends a very special message.

Each gift includes a blank note card, one tea bag and a handmade origami peace crane which can be removed and displayed.  This is a card that won’t get tossed the next day!

Origami peace cranes have a special story, which is included in each note card:

The Origami Peace Crane on the front lends us its legend of hope.  Sadako Sasaki survived Hiroshima and led her all-too-short life inspiring us through her peace crane campaign.

Read her story:

Carefully remove from the card by gently lifting it off puffing out the wings.  Put it where you’ll be reminded that too you are an instrument of peace.

By the Grace of Tea donate a portion of the profits from this card to the Rasur Foundation, creators of the Connection Practice and BePeace Practice.  www.RasurInternational.org.


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