Serendipi(ty)™ Herbal Tea


A bright and beautiful, this caffeine free blend of hibiscus, essence of strawberry and lemongrass is a real zinger!



Serendipi(ty)™ – A bright and beautiful herbal tea, properly known as a tisane. This caffeine free blend of hibiscus, essence of strawberry and lemongrass is a real zinger!

It expresses fun and brilliance and has a COLORFUL energy.

Water Temperature: 180-185 F degrees
Caffeine Content: None
Steep Time: 5-7 minutes
Suggested Serving Size: 1 tsp/6oz
Ingredients: Hibiscus, Organic Rosehips, Organic Orange peel, Organic Lemongrass and natural flavor

Hibiscus has many health benefits, as reported by Organic Facts in this list. And Rosehips, the fruit of many rose plants, also have many health benefits, including good amounts of Vitamin C.

Herbal Tea

Has many health benefits. For more information about its’ benefits in general, please visit this website.


What I love most about this herbal tea is the color of the steeped tea – bright red! It looks like a party waiting to happen. And if you chill the tea after steeping it, pour over ice, then mix with sparkling cider or wine you’ll have a delicious punch or cocktail. It makes for a beautiful punch bowl!

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Small Bag – makes about 10-12 cups, Medium Bag – makes about 18-24 cups, Large Bag – makes about 40-48 cups


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