The Art of Visual Memoir Workshop


There is something sacred about combining images and words as a way to preserve and share memories. Every picture has a story and it is our goal to help you bring that story to life, and light, through your own visual memoir.



Cherished Moments: The Art of Visual Memoir

No dates are scheduled at this time due to Covid-19.

Location: North Dallas

What is a Visual Memoir? It’s an artistic expression that celebrates life through personal stories. Technically it is a mix-media collage created on an 8 x 10″ canvas board.

What makes this program special is the focus you’ll bring to one special cherished moment. Everyone has special memories that they want to preserve. This workshop – we actually call it a play-shop –  will take you through a process of connecting with a cherished memory expressed through a photograph that you will bring. The picture will become the foundation for your visual memoir canvas board to which you will add words, embellishments, ephemera and other collage-type materials – all expressions of the story your cherished memory conveys.

We’ll begin the journey connecting over tea and light snacks, followed by an introduction to the art of visual memoir, the materials and techniques available. Your heirloom creation will be guided by your cherished memory, the picture and mementos you brought and the art and facilitation skills of your hosts. When your visual memoir is complete, everyone will share about their cherished moment and the experience of preserving it.

Registration price includes the materials fee.

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