The best tea, the most flavorful tea, the most aromatic tea – the most delicious tea is loose leaf. Tea in tea bags, even if more convenient (and we will debate that claim), does not provide the full flavor or quality found in loose-leaf.  Why?  Most tea bags contain what’s called in the trade, ‘dust’.  It’s not literally dust, but rather the remaining broken down leaves at the bottom of the barrel…so to speak.  It’s what’s left over after the fuller leaves and botanicals are removed.

Because the size and weight of our blends vary widely, we sell our tea by volume, not by weight.  A small bag makes 9-12 cups; medium bag makes 20-24 cups and a large bag makes 44-48 cups.

For information about wholesale pricing, please email moc.nosnarnna@nna or call me at 972.308.6995.

To download a copy of the wholesale price list, Click Here