All of By the Grace of Tea blends are delicious and infused with energy, intention and high notes of flavor.

Each blend is given a name to express the essence of the tea blend and its inherent qualities and values.  I hope that you enjoy both the sentiment expressed and the delicious tea flavors.



Civili(ty)An award winning green tea blended with raspberries and rosehips and the essence of pomegranate. It expresses respect and has a GRACEFUL energy.



Clari(ty) –   Peppermint and spearmint hand blended with gunpowder green tea. It expresses fresh and clear openings and has a BRIGHT energy.



Communi(ty) –   White tea hand blended with raw goji berries, lemon myrtle, and flower blossoms.  It expresses unity and has a HARMONIOUS energy.



Festivi(ty)™ – Blend of Pu-erh tea, cinnamon, spices & chocolate that scream let’s make merry!  It expresses happiness and has a CELEBRATION energy.



Integri(ty)™  –  Earl Grey with a hint of lavender.  This unique blend expresses honesty and has an RESPECTFUL energy.



Possibili(ty)™ White tea with floral high notes balanced with just the right amount of coconut that says, take me away!  It expresses openings and adventure and has an AWAKENING energy.



Productivi(ty) – Spicy Chai blend of black Assam tea with cinnamon, cardamom and high notes of ginger.  It expresses focus and boldness and has an ACTION energy.



Prosperi(ty)Refreshing blend of green teas mixed with lemon verbena and lemongrass.  It expresses all forms of growth:  financial, emotional and spiritual, and has an EXPANSIVE energy.



Sereni(ty)  Soft and inviting chamomile infused blend with hints of lavender, roses, and rose hips.  It expresses calm, ease and peace has a RELAXED energy.  Caffeine free.



Swee(ty)Our Valentine’s blend…a rooibus infusion with lime, citrus notes and a touch of coconut.  It expresses health and love and has a HEARTFELT energy.  Caffeine free. Seasonal availability.


Vitali(ty)  –   Oolong tea is a blend of hibiscus, rosehips and tender essence of plum.  It expresses life, love and has a PASSIONATE energy.


Sampler Bag – can’t decide which blend you want?  Then, choose 4 blends and taste them all.  Each sample bags holds enough tea for a small pot or about 3 cups.

Choose a Blend
Choose 2nd blend
Choose 3rd blend
Choose 4th blend

Tea Infuser Balls:  Stainless Steel with fine mesh baskets.  Measure 1 teaspoon per cup and steep for the proper time.

Tea Infuser Balls

Custom created gift baskets are also available for purchase, just email for more information.  Each one is a unique creation, including a variety of teas, tea cups, tea pots, books, music, and other tea accessories.

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Add a copy of this “thought for the day” book, “Intentions at Work:  Tips for Creating More Great Days”.  Each of the pages provide an inspiring thought and quote insured to improve your day.  For example, “Find ways to innovate – the creativity that erupts will exhilarate you”.  “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to doesn’t mean it’s useless.”   Thomas A. Edison

Enjoy reading???  And tea???  

Then you’ll want to check out the Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs.  I just recently found them, and I’ve already read many of them, with a few more on my list to get.  They feature Indigo Tea Shop and its owner Theodosia, her staff, Drayton and Haley, along with many recurring friends.  They’re quick easy reads and very enjoyable.  I say easy even though I have yet to figure a single “who did it” before the final reveal.  I’ll begin posting them here, starting with #1 – “Dragonwell Dead”.  I hope you enjoy!!

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