AR TeaTime Table

Sample Menu Suggestions

2-3 Blends of tea

Milk, sweeteners, lemon

Assortment of savory treats: (choose 2-3)

Finger sandwiches:

Egg, Chicken, Crab or Tuna Salad

Cucumber or WatercressCucumber or Watercress

Smoked Salmon

Cream Cheese with chopped pecans, black olives or chives

Petit Quiche or other pastries

Assortment of sweet treats: (choose 2-3 types)

Scones: plain or flavored

Fruit breads or cakes, such as banana nut, blueberry or cranberry

Scottish Shortbread

Assortment of cookies

Jam or Jelly; Lemon Curd; Clotted Cream

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