Tea drinking is becoming more popular in America and I’ve decided to embrace it whole heartedly!  In part because of the delicious notes of flavor it brings, but even more importantly to me, is what it represents to me – civility, intimacy and respect!

As 2011 begins, much is being written about the need for a return to civility, which I embrace.  Yet, many wonder how to do that – where do we begin.

That’s where tea drinking arrives on the scene.  I once heard someone say that “tea tames tears and tension”.  How can you be angry or hold a grudge when you are sitting around a table enjoying a beautiful cup of tea?

I have decided to use the art of tea drinking as a catalyst for more intimacy, respect and trust.  Tea time brings us together; it forces us to slow down, and in so doing, returns the spirit of civility.

In my own life, I have found the art of tea to be both calming and comforting.  I selected a tray from my collection, which I draped with a tea towel my Grandmother made.  I use this to place my tea pot, cup and saucer.  For some reason, it just feels different, almost special when I prepare a small pot of tea.  When I take the tray into my office and place it on my desk, I am aware of the moment, this very moment.

I am even creating my own custom blends of tea.  My first blend, PossibiliTEA is a delicious mixture of lemongrass, oolong tea, fruits and a soft finishing note of vanilla.  It’s both light and flavorful; both energizing and calming.  I chose the flavors for their tastes and for the energy they bring into this moment.

If you didn’t know, tea is very healthy for you, which is one of the reasons that it is gaining popularity.  It is rich in anti-oxidants and also contains vital minerals and vitamins.

I hope you enjoy your PossibiliTEA – – – to the moment,

Ann Ranson