Tea is grown throughout the world and processed into many forms.

This website, tea.wikia.com, explains the many varieties of tea.

Tea is thousands of years old and grows throughout the world. And while tea is all a single species of plant, Camilia Sinensis, the way it is grown and picked and processed makes for hundreds of types of tea.

Tea is grown in China, Japan, India,

The “Black Tea” most are familiar with is actually made from the fermented leaves of tea plants, while “oolong” teas made from semi-fermented leaves of tea plants

“Green Tea” is tea picked and dried quickly and “White Tea” is made from the early buds of tea plants. The are generally the rarest and most expensive of the regular teas. As a result of the short oxidation, white tea contains the most health benefits of any tea.

Keemun tea and Yunnan tea are Chinese teas.     Assam tea and Nilgiri tea are Indian teas.

Other specialty teas are Genmaicha Tea, Yellow Tea, English Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast tea and Russian Caravan.

Some teas processed or grown or flavored in special ways are:

Pu-erh – Pu-erh tea comes from the Yunnan province in China, and has a distinct earthy aroma. This tea differs from other black tea because it grows a thin layer of mold on the leaves, which are harmless and known to have many health benefits. Pu-erh, like wine, gets better with age. Cakes of Pu-erh that have aged for decades are sold for several thousand dollars.

Flavored Teas:

Earl Grey Tea – Earl Grey tea is named after its inventor, Charles, Earl Grey. The flavouring of Earl Gray Tea comes from the Bergamot plant, which is a citrus grown plant in the Mediterranean.

Lapsang souchong tea – Lapsang souchong is a tea of Chinese origin which is noted for its smoky taste.

Jasmine tea – Tea infused with Jasmine

Chai is a highly spiced blend of varying types of tea.

Herbal Teas (Tisanes) are drinks made not from the true tea plant but from other aromatic plants. For example:

Lemon Rooibos
Lemon and Ginger
Yerba Mate

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